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Wrap-up 2018

It's the end of the year, and looking back at what you've done in the year that passed is, like, a thing. So I've decided to take a shot at it too.


AndroidX, one month in

AndroidX has been around for a month now. Here's my experience with the migration so far, and some insight into the adoption of the new system.


KotlinConf '18

Funnily enough, after the previous conference report on this blog, I've got yet another one. I got to visit KotlinConf this year, these are my initial thoughts about it. Spoiler: it was awesome!


Kotliners 2018

I've attended the Kotliners 2018 conference in Budapest this June. I think it went great, here's how I experienced it.


The Other Side of Stack Overflow

My experiences and thoughts after using Stack Overflow from the other side for over a year now, answering questions mostly under the Kotlin tag.


On "From Java to Kotlin and Back Again"

My thoughts on the allegro.tech article telling their tale of woe about Kotlin.


Top 10 Kotlin Stack Overflow questions, pt 3 - nulls and such

The third and final part covers topics of nullability and some small extras to wrap up the series.


Top 10 Kotlin Stack Overflow questions, pt 2 - the big ones

In the second part of the series, I'm covering various possible issues with using SAM conversions, as well as how to create "static" things in Kotlin.


Top 10 Kotlin Stack Overflow questions, pt 1 - decisions, decisions

I've been hanging out around the Kotlin tag on Stack Overflow a lot this last year or so. This is the first part of a series covering the most frequently asked questions there. For a start, we'll be taking a look at various decisions around using collections in Kotlin. I'm hoping there's something new for everyone in here.


Kotlin DSL design

A companion article for a talk I've given on Kotlin DSL design possibilities, with many code examples.