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A Bit of Gradle Housekeeping

While cleaning is traditionally a spring activity, let me invite you to do it at the end of summer this time around. In this article, we'll take a look at some Gradle configuration that you can probably clean up in your Android project.


Keeping public API in check with the Kotlin binary validator plugin ➟

As your library code is evolving over time, you have to be mindful of changes in your public API. Here’s how you can keep it in check.


Announcing requireKTX

Introducing a new library to conveniently require values from common Android types.


Clean Chat Example App with Jetpack Compose ➟

Jetpack Compose makes it easy to build beautiful UI. Check out this Chat UI sample, and learn some exciting bits of Compose along the way!


Pi Practice App in Compose

In another detailed Jetpack Compose walkthrough, we'll look at implementing a simple app for practicing the digits of pi!


Prime Table Generator in Jetpack Compose

I've dusted off one of my oldest (and favourite) coding projects, and rewrote it in Jetpack Compose as a nice little practice exercise.


Build an Android Chat app with Jetpack Compose ➟

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build a real, functional chat app using Jetpack Compose and the Stream Chat Android SDK.


Jetpack Compose: First Impressions and Learning Resources ➟

Jetpack Compose is finally in beta. Here are my first impressions using its beta, and some recommended resources for getting started with it.