Wrap-up 2020

Let's send this one off so that we can get started on a better one. The "usual" recap of what I've done this year.


Mastering API Visibility in Kotlin

When designing a library, minimizing your API surface - the types, methods, properties, and functions you expose to the outside world - is a great idea. This doesn't apply to just libraries: it's a consideration you should make for every module in a multi-module project.


Effective Class Delegation

One of the most significant items of the Effective Java book is Item 18: Favor composition over inheritance. Let's see how Kotlin promotes this with class delegation.


Krate, a better SharedPreferences experience

Accessing SharedPreferences using its API directly can be somewhat inconvenient. Krate is a library built on Kotlin delegates to simplify the use of SharedPreferences.


Introducing 🌈RainbowCake

RainbowCake is an Android architecture framework, providing tools and guidance for building modern Android applications.


Fragment Lifecycles in the Age of Jetpack

Fragments have... Complicated lifecycles, to say the least. Let's take a look at these, and how they all fit into the world of Jetpack today, with LifecycleOwners, LiveData, and coroutines.


Thoughts about Event Handling on Android

In MVVM-like view architectures, view state isn't enough to communicate from the ViewModel to the View. They have to be supplemented by some kind of events, which come with several challenges you should be aware of.


Thoughts about State Handling on Android

Handling the state of UI correctly is one of the prominent challenges of Android apps. Here are my subjective thoughts about some different approaches, which ones I tend to choose, and why.