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Kotlin has many features that are leaps and bounds ahead of Java. However, its primary target platform being the JVM, all of these features still need to compile to the same bytecode as Java does. This is a look at how a variety of interesting Kotlin features are compiled to bytecode, and what their Java equivalents would be. Even though Kotlin abstracts away much of the virtual machine and the original feature set of Java with its own features, it’s still important to know what your Kotlin code compiles to. Not only can this knowledge give you the power to optimize your code, but it will also help you avoid subtle bugs that would otherwise be near impossible to track down.



2020-11-09 Rheinwerk Konferenz für Kotlin 2020 (Online)

This conference was cancelled, but the pre-recorded talk was published online.

2020-04-20 Android Makers 2020 (Online)
2019-11-06 Mobile Unplugged 2019 (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
2019-09-20 droidcon Vienna 2019 (barcamp session) (Vienna, Austria)
2019-07-03 droidcon Berlin 2019 (Berlin, Germany)