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Simonyi Konferencia 2024

2024-03-19 • Budapest, Hungary • Event page

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Pragmatic Code Sharing with Kotlin Multiplatform

The 1.0 version of Kotlin was released by JetBrains 2016. The language has continued to evolve since then, adding new features and tooling, and it now has a vibrant community and ecosystem.

Although Kotlin’s original goal was JVM-based software development - creating desktop and server-side applications - it quickly outgrew that. It became well-established for Android development in just a few years; Google initially added official support and later made it the primary language of the platform.

Today, the latest direction is Kotlin Multiplatform, which allows us to use Kotlin not just on the JVM, but freely share Kotlin code between different mobile platforms, as well as desktop, web, and server-side applications. In this presentation, we will learn about the advantages and latest developments of this technology.