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mDevCamp 2024

2024-04-23 • Event page


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Compose Multiplatform: iOS, Android & Desktop Apps in 100% Kotlin

This is a joint talk with Sebastian Aigner (website, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Kotlin Multiplatform and Compose Multiplatform enable sharing any code you want across platforms, from the networking layer through business logic all the way to the UI! In this talk, we’ll live code a simple app that loads and displays data from an API, from start to finish in 100% Kotlin. We’ll run this app on Android, iOS, and desktop, all without duplicating any code!

Whether you’re a seasoned Kotlin developer or just making your first steps, you’ll get an overview of the Kotlin Multiplatform ecosystem, and understand how it helps you build applications that integrate seamlessly with iOS and Android, and learn everything you need to get started yourself.