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droidcon Italy 2023

2023-10-12 • Event page

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Jetpack Compose Roundtable

The stable version of Jetpack Compose came out about two years ago and it’s now the preferred method for new developments, so what do we think about this technology and its wide success? In this roundtable we’ll share our experience on what we like and dislike about Compose.

Do we miss something about old XMLs? Is there anyone nostalgic for databinding or findViewById? What are the biggest difficulties we have encountered so far? What should developers pay more attention to? Is there anything you wish you had known before starting to work with Compose?

In one hour we’ll try to answer these questions and a lot more.

It’s a roundtable so you are all invited to join us, share your opinions and ask questions!


  • Marco Porcaro
  • Márton Braun
  • Mohit Sarveiya
  • Marco Zanetti
  • Angela Jakimovska
  • Pouyan Khedri
  • Nourhan (Ellie) Gehad