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droidcon Berlin 2024

2024-07-03 • Berlin, Germany • Event page

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What’s New in Compose Multiplatform - A Live Tour

🎤🎤 This is a joint talk with Sebastian Aigner (website, Twitter, LinkedIn).

What if you could just… do iOS development? Kotlin and Compose Multiplatform make it possible!

Live coding our way through the evergrowing ecosystem built by JetBrains, Google, and the wonderful Kotlin community, we’ll show you how you can pick and choose well-established tools and libraries that you already know from Android and use them to build cross-platform apps.

This includes the addition of new Jetpack libraries such as Navigation, ViewModel, DataStore, and more – and you don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to using platform capabilities, either! Using JetBrains Fleet throughout the demos, you’ll also see the tooling support you get when developing multiplatform applications.

You may not realize it yet, but you probably already know how to build apps with Compose Multiplatform – for Android, iOS, and beyond.